The North West Embryonic Stem Cell Centre

From L-R: Brachyury immunostaining of HUES7 embryoid body outgrowths (after culture in our defined, feeder-free system), Gal/Oct4/DAPI, foxA2/HNF3ß immunostaining – (ENDODERM MARKER #1) plated feeder-free hues7 EBs


A pioneering centre of excellence in human embryology and embryonic stem cell biology.

Cutting edge research into stem cell-based therapies for disease

Researcher pipetting

Our researchers will produce clinical grade human embryonic stem (hES) cells for the treatment of a wide range of diseases and for use in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Our projects focus on:

  • The establishment of GMP embryology and derivation of GMP hES cell lines.
  • Targeted differentiation to insulin-secreting cells
  • Targeted differentiation to chondrocytes
  • Pluripotency and self renewal
  • The stem cell niche

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Finding out about stem cells

Feeder Free hues7 Cells Oct 4

Stem cells are unspecialised dividing cells. They divide to give further stem cells (self renew) but they can also mature into more specialised cells such as muscle, cartilage, pancreas, nerves or blood.