The North West Embryonic Stem Cell Centre


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Genetix is involved in helping scientists work at the cutting edge of genomics, proteomics, high throughput screening and cell biology. Their portfolio covers a range of areas including screening, selection and picking of mammalian cells, cell line quality management and cell dispensing. Our work with Genetix involves development of methods of automating cell passaging and developing better plastic substrates for feeder grown or feeder free stem cell growth.


EpiStem is an independent Contract Research Organisation which specialises in epithelial tissue and stem cell analysis. An ongoing collaboration of NWESCC with Epistem involves the development of more accurate and comprehensive methods for investigating the stem cell trascriptome and the extension of this to microarray analysis for small numbers of stem cells and single embryos

Roslin Cells

Roslin Cells focus on developing new cell lines for research and clinical use and work with the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) to establish the Good Manufacturing Practice conditions needed for its cell lines to be of clinical grade. With Roslin Cells, we have recently derived a new human embryonic stem cell line (RCMAN-1) from a human oocyte which was activated following failure to fertilise in a clinical IVF treatment cycle. This line has been fully characterised and is currently being submitted to the UK Stem Cell bank.

Novocellus Ltd

Novocellus is a University of York spin-out company funded by Angle PLC, which is developing a novel embryo culture medium and method for analysing embryo health by amino acid turnover. These methods will be used to enhance the culture and selection of embryos for stem cell derivation as well as clinical IVF treatment.