The North West Embryonic Stem Cell Centre


Researcher in GMP clean lab

The NWESCC GMP Clean Laboratories are the first in the North West to engage in the production of GMP embryos and the derivation of human embryonic stem cell lines and will allow scientists to develop stem cell products to standards of Good Manufacturing Practice for potential therapeutic use.

This is a multiple site facility located at St Mary’s Hospital and in The University of Manchester’s Core Technology Facility (CTF), which houses two adjacent clean rooms with individual processing and preparation laboratories. Each CTF clean room is managed separately by NWESCC and Intercytex. The IVF cleanrooms at St Mary’s Hospital are funded by the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the Medical Research Council.

The GMP facility also houses a fully equipped general laboratory for non-GMP work.

In addition to its state of the art cleanrooms, NWESCC boasts a GMP quality management system led by Ms Alex Ross, Quality Manager for the Cleanrooms.