The North West Embryonic Stem Cell Centre

Research topics


GMP embryology

The clinical IVF site of the NWESCC is developing conditions for GMP embryo growth and novel biotechnology for culture and embryo screening.


Human blastocyst

Establishment of GMP hES cell lines

One of the major aims of the NWESCC is to generate GMP grade human embryonic stem cell lines for research, biopharma use and potential clinical treatment.


foxA2/HNF3β immunostaining – (ENDODERM MARKER #1) plated feeder-free hues7 EBs

Targeted differentiation to insulin-secreting cells

Researchers for NWESCC are working towards establishing effective protocols for differentiating human embryonic stem cells to pancreatic β-cells.



Control - PDGFRb

Targeted differentiation to chondrocytes

The aim of this project is to formulate a differentiation strategy where pluripotent hES cells are induced to form chondro-progenitor cells to produce cartilage.


HES3 colony stained with DAPi

Pluripotency and self renewal

We are investigating different factors that regulate pluripotency and self-renewal of human embryonic stem cells.

HUES 7 on stromal cells

The Stem Cell Niche

Adult stem cells are maintained in a unique environment of cell bound molecules and cell contact patterns: this forms the stem cell niche. For embryonic stem cells the niche is less well identified or understood. Our work in this area will help to promote a greater understanding of this domain.