The North West Embryonic Stem Cell Centre

GMP embryology

Our work in this area aims to establish an IVF cleanroom laboratory and standardised methods for producing embryos at GMP for derivation of human ES cell lines.

The GMP IVF laboratory opened in January 2008. It is specified to meet the EU Cells and Tissues directive and GMP standards for air quality and quality management.

We are using both transcriptomic and metabolomics approaches to characterise the quality of embryos developed for stem cell derivation. We have developed a method using the Affymetrix microarray platform to characterise global gene expression patterns of embryos. The embryos used are those left over from IVF treatment (surplus embryos) and those developed from clinically unusable oocytes, in comparison to “gold standard” embryos. We are also characterising the metabolism of embryos as a way of selecting those most likely to be viable, including amino acid metabolism, and metabolic footprinting using infra-red spectroscopy.

Principal investigators

Clinical scientists

Postdoctoral research associate

Quality management

  • Miss Alexandra Ross

Research technicians

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Improving embryo quality

The clinical IVF site of the NWESCC is developing conditions for GMP embryo growth and novel biotechnology for culture and embryo screening.